Multi-Room AV Distribution

Multi-Room AV Distribution

A custom-installed entertainment system is the ultimate pleasure. Today’s technology allows you to enjoy your favorite music, news, and sports anywhere in your home!  Your entertainment in no longer limited to just
one room.

Music and video can be placed in as many rooms as you’d like – with nearly invisible in-wall speakers and wall-mounted keypad controls that will not detract from your design goals. Giving you access to different source selections in different rooms of the installation means that everyone can enjoy personalized entertainment wherever they want.

In ceiling speakers can be used in a variety of places.  Wired Up offers a variety of options that give in-ceiling and in-wall audio throughout your house with exceptional sound quality. These speakers can also be painted to blend into the walls or ceiling colors. Consider the bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, entrance or any area that you would like.

Don’t forget about the outdoors!  Wired Up can engineer your outdoor environment with great sound too. Choose from high quality, durable “environmental” speakers that withstand all weather conditions.

Here we are are passionate about what we do, and we can’t wait to help you achieve the perfect listening experience at home. Our installers have unrivaled experience in wiring entire houses for sound: just check out our services! Wired Up has an array of valuable options to ensure the delivery of the proper home audio system, service, and solution for your lifestyle. Contact Us for more on our Multi-Room AV Distribution in Southern California!

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